2019 Valentine’s Day Promotions: Who nailed it? Prt 1


The month of love is in full swing and predictably the scramble for the consumer’s attention is engrossing. Below we showcase some of the running campaigns from leading brands and we will let you be the judge;

Cassava Smartech: Vaya Surprise Bouquet Deliveries

Campaign Idea: Photo Contest. Vaya will deliver 150 bouquets to 150 lucky customers who will share their photos via the campaign microsite.

How to enter

  1. Simply visit the site: https://vayavalentine.wnthis.com/H8gBbC
  2. Upload a picture with your loved and submit personal details
  3. Share the competition and ask friends to vote for your photo.

Chicken Inn: Win Weekend Getaway Promo

Campaign Idea: Photo Contest.

How to Enter

  1. Share your romantic first date stories in no more than 50 words.
  2. Upload your story with a picture of you and your special someone using the Chicken Inn #LuvDatChickFacebook Frame (found under Profile Picture > Add Frames).
  3. Tag the Chicken Inn page and use the hashtag #LuvDatChick, to stand a chance to win a fully sponsored WEEKEND GETAWAY for you and your loved one!

NetOne Cellular: Win Valentines Dinner

Campaign Idea: Share a story and win a Valentines Dinner.

How to enter:

  1. Fans write a short paragraph on why they think their partner is their one and only


This is an initial list of brands running Valentines campaigns, we will share more campaigns in the next post. Here’s how we are evaluating the campaigns.

  • Big Idea – marketers have a penchant and proclivity to regurgitate the same concepts they have done before or copy from other brands. In this, we want to establish which brand came up with a jaw dropping, attention grabbing, unique and innovative campaign idea that resonates with the target audience.
  • Channel Mix – which channel mix is the brand using to reach and capture the audience? the choice of channel is critical as it demonstrates the thought process that went in. Did the brand demonstrate the presence of a deliberate channel strategy in executing the campaign?
  • The Value Proposition – one of the reasons which induce reluctancy for consumers to participate in promotions is the weak proposition offered by brands. A value proposition is big ticket which the brand is offering the consumer, what is in it for them? In relation to this campaign, we examine what prizes are being offered vis a vis the consumer action.


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