21st Century Skills Every Professional Needs

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The 21st century has befittingly been branded the information age, the digital age due to the prevalence and pervasiveness of technology in every facet of our lives. It is in the past few years that we have witnessed the emergence of topical issues like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Predictive Analytics etc. The advent of digital technologies which have filtrated every profession has created immense pressure on all professionals to adapt to the needs of today’s environment or face induced redundancy. This reality calls for us to unlearn and relearn and maintain a fluid attitude necessary to adapt to any changing needs dictated by our environment. With it, and more so the year 2020 being on the horizon, we list fundamental skillsets which every professional need heading into a more globalized tech-driven future.

  1. Information and Communication Technology – basic IT literacy
  2. Data Crunching – use of data collection and analysis tools such as Excel
  3. Critical Thinking – ability to reason, think critically and innovative thinking
  4. Presentation Skills – basic skills in powerpoint, keynote etc
  5. Social skills – ability to relate well with others and co-exist with those with different persuasions


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