Best Zimbabwean TVC campaigns of all time: Part 1


Today we are feeling nostalgic and would like to feature some of the classic TV campaigns of the ages ever produced in Zimbabwe. Enjoy!

  1. Ngwererewere

This ad featured the the Rusike brothers – The second version of the Famous “Sadza” advert originally done in the early 80s. This was the remix done in 1991 featuring Tawanda Abe Phil & Kelly.


  1. Chibuku Delta Beverages

This classic ad was done by Dicomm for Chubuku.


  1. Perfection Soap

This hilarious ad for Olivine Industries features mdara “Bonzo” and is titled “father washing”. The ad was done by MHY&R.


  1. SunJam

Another hilarious ad created by Dicomm. Watch and enjoy “nhapitapi”

  1. Jade Soap

Another advert for Olivine Industries Jade Soap which again is a hilarious ad.


  1. Bata Toghees

Who can forget this Bata Toughees ad featuring the baby rhino.


This list is by no means exhaustive, if you have any campaigns you want featured kindly share.



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