Free advice for Mambo’s Chicken and Chicken Hut


Over the last couple of months, Zimbabwe has witnessed some social media banter take place between Mambo’s Chicken and Chicken Hut ostensibly over who has the best chicken in the land. The wars emanated really out of the blues in a market in which the big players Nandos, Chicken Inn, Chicken Slice had to stand aside and watch as the wars exploded on Facebook. If you are not aware of some of these comical battles, we have attached some screengrabs.

Chicken Hut Mambo's Chicken

While these social media banters have given onlookers something to look forward to (evidenced by the high engagement rates on these posts), we would like to proffer some free advice to these warring, sworn enemies about how they can take this “situation to another level”. By the way, a kind reminder that The CMO is part of KOZ Africa and AT Africa Group a media company dedicated to helping brands and organisations amplify the social good efforts they are engaged in. Given that the core mandate of KOZ Africa is to help brands design and implement sustainable win-win social development and CSI projects which create in the communities they serve, here’s the free advice from us at KOZ Africa;

  • Take the fight towards a cause

We at KOZ would like to challenge Mambo’s Chicken and Chicken Hut to a duel to send kids to school. Instead of fighting who has the best fries, let them challenge each other to who is doing more to help others! Our proposal is simple, for every quarter chicken and chips bought, we challenge them to set aside 3% to go towards tuition cover for needy academically talented kids. As KOZ Africa, we will help with identifying and profiling all the kids in need of university or A level tuition across the country.

So here it is, let the games begin.


  1. […] We have paired the two warring brands because of their ability to engage fans through throwing shade at each other. What makes these brands stand out is their ability to maintain relevancy and being at the pulse of what’s trending. They have managed to capitalize on trending content and relate it to their brands and product offerings and thus keeping fans glued to their pages. While we have not been fans of some of the content lately, they managed to entertain us in 2019 and we hope for more in the new decade. We have about them prior here […]


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