Pick n Pay Rich Rewards Promotion: What insights can we glean?



o my wife gave me grief the other time I came home with a few groceries from Pink n Pay. The reason why she gave me grief was that I had not collected “stamps” yes stamps from Pick n Pay Rich Rewards Promotion. As we argued I could not help but accept the indisputable fact that Pick n Pay had been successful in as far as causing a change of behavior in the market is concerned. My wife had the expectation (brand recall) that I would be equally excited about the opportunity to get a pan (the rewards being offered). What is clear is that Pick n Pay did something right be it with their communication, value proposition or promotion of the campaign.

Given this, I want to highlight a few insights we can glean from the Pick n Pay Rewards Promotion and the key learning points.

The power of instant reward

One of the key elements of the Pick n Pay value proposition is instant reward. Under the promotion, users collect stamps which they redeem for a pan once a certain threshold is reached. The potency of instant reward in a promotion is the predictability which consumers want, a level of certainty about the probability of winning. Unlike the other household promotions e.g. OK Grand Challenge where lots are drawn are one’s chances of winning are 0.000000…., the Pick n Pay promotion guarantees winning and the math is simple even to the untrained. Buy goods worth $200 and redeem a pan, simple.

One of the reasons why Pick n Pay has been effective is the ability to simplify a promotion in terms of entry mechanics and winning criteria. Consumers do not want a promotion that is complicated, involving and with remote chances of winning. As marketers lets simplify our consumer promotions and only then can we achieve our desired outcomes.

Understand your audience and match your proposition

Understanding your target audience and tailoring value propositions is the sure way to guaranteeing success in the market. The Pick n Pay promotion is awarding pans to all the winners. These prizes resonate with the target audience (women) as ordinarily it is women who not only make the purchase decision, but they do the actual shopping. The pans are relevant to the audience and thus create a compelling proposition for all women to go and shop in Pick n Pay.

Marketers need to develop propositions that are tailored and customized for their target audiences in order to derive a positive return on marketing investment. Whatever your brand is, avail relevant prizes, simplify the entry mechanics and winning criteria, that way you exponentially increase your chances of running a successful consumer promotion.

This is by no means exhaustive and we don’t have statistical evidence to attest how successful this campaign has been, but evidence from the terraces and market sentiment point to the success of the promotion.



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