Presenter MasterClass: The skill every marketer needs

The CMO Presenter Masterclass

The art of presenting is a valuable skill that every professional ought to have in their tool kit. Presenting is a skill that is honed and perfected over time and can often be the difference between winning a pitch, getting a sale or even getting the dream job. The art of presenting encapsulates; research and preparation of content, building great presentation slides and more importantly, the delivery through a public presentation. Given the strategic importance of mastering this skill, it is critically important for professionals to be equipped with skills to become great and effective presenters. Below are the elements involved in becoming a great and effective presenter;

1. Planning and Preparation (Content)
Preparation is key in delivering a world class presentation or pitch and thus the focus should be on the preparatory aspects that go into a presentation. One needs to be well researched on the topic to be able to develop the thought pattern and process to develop the slides.

2. Building a great presentation (The Slides)
The focus here is on the technical aspects of developing great slides. Building great slides can be done through Powerpoint, Prezi or Keynote and you’ll need to master at least two of these tools in order to become a great presenter.

3. Presentation delivery (Delivery)
The most important aspect in becoming a world class presenter and speaker is delivery and a lot goes into this aspect. Firstly, one needs to master public speaking skills, how to engage an audience through voice, tone, gestures, owning the stage etc. A great presentation can be messed up with poor delivery and conversely an average presentation can be made to look good with a great delivery.

If you want to become an effective presenter or learn to how make a powerful pitch or land a dream job through the art of persuasive talk, then register to attend the presenter masterclass.

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