#ShowerMoments: Christmas Wish List for Festive Promotions

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So, the festive season is upon us and inevitably the scramble for consumer’s attention reaches dizzy heights with almost every brand running some kind of consumer promotion. Given this period of time where the stakes are high and the need to achieve a positive exit position, we would like to share a few pointers, a few insights we have gleaned with regards to running effective and efficacious consumer promotions. Perhaps you can call this our Christmas wish list from brands;


  1. Instant Reward is Gold

On top of our wish list is consumer promotions which offer instant rewards, no frills no hidden copy or crazy terms, just make it plain and simple. As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, the success of any promotion lies in providing simplified entry and winning mechanics. Instant reward promotions usually lend themselves to simplified entry mechanics; buy X amounts and get one free. This entails giving consumers an opportunity to instantly win a prize in the most simplistic of ways. We have written about the runaway success of TM Pick n Pay Rich Rewards Promotion which has become a household promotion because it offers instant reward; buy goods worth $25, get a sticker and if you reach a defined threshold, win a prize. Our wish is that brands simplify promotion mechanics so that even the untrained can participate.


  1. Provide Nationwide Access

Suffice to say, most promotions that have been run lately made provisions for nationwide participation from consumers. However, our bone is around nationwide access to the promotion. Yes, consumers in remote areas can participate in principle but most of the time resources are limited (products are limited, no presence, no entry boxes etc) to enable some segments to full participate in the promotions. Furthermore, consumer promotions should carry the same amount of presence and feel in all the major towns and this is something that is starkly lacking in recent promotions. Brands are not exerting the same amount of attention and effort in executing be it activations, draws or general promotion visibility. It remains our wish to see nationwide activations and draws.


  1. Bring Something New

It’s fair to say local brands have the habit of regurgitating promotions and we hope that this year we can see something different. We are all used to buy, write your name and drop your receipt in the entry box type of promotions and it’s time we see digitally executed promos. There are various ways of executing USSD based, SMS based or even purely digital promotions which run via microsites or custom-built applications. Given the advances in this space and also general consumer intelligence, there is a case for digital consumer promotions particularly for brands which serve higher LSMs. If you need help to execute digitally led promos, you can get in touch with us.

Our wish list is predictably short as we did not want to get into the minute details of nature of prizes etc but we hoping that this can inspire some brands out there who are still finalizing their festive promos.


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