The rise of E-Commerce in Zimbabwe

e-commerce in Zimbabwe

E-Commerce in Zimbabwe is now in full swing partly thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic which created lockdowns forcing businesses to reinvent their distribution models. The growth of e-commerce in Zimbabwe was curtailed by the currency and other macro-economic challenges in the country but it is refreshing to note that in spite of the setbacks, we are on a positive growth trajectory. In this piece we take a look at some of the products and services which you can access in the comfort of your home.

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited

You can now buy your favorite Zimbabwean cordial Mazoe and get it delivered to your home for free. Schweppes Zimbabwe launched their online store which enables you to order products such as Bonaqua, Schweppes water, Minute Maid, Mazoe syrups and Farm Style range of products. You can access the shop via this link: We found the Schweppes experience great and seamless.

EcoMoovah – Zinara Licence

The idea of looking for a Zimpost or Zinara to renew your licence disk seemed to always be a quarterly ritual until EcoMoovah came and disrupted it. Yes, you can now order your licence disk and get it delivered to your doorstep! The convenience was unimaginable a few years when one had to sneak out of work to stand a queue to renew your licence disk. To access this service, users dial *901# and follow the prompts.

Meat – AMP

One of our writers here is a big fan of knuckle bones and no better place to go for bones every week than AMP. However, now you can order meat from the comfort of your home and get it delivered just in time before dinner preparation time. AMP now has an online store where you pick and choose the type of meats you want at the click of a button. Visit to order some classic Zimbabwean steaks! 

Groceries – Spar, OK

What has amazed us over the years was the failure by retail businesses to avail an opportunity for consumers to order groceries online. For retailers this seemed to be a no brainer given how this model was tested and proven in other mature markets. however, now you can order groceries and get them delivered anywhere across the country from retail giants such as OK Zimbabwe, Spar. Kudos to FoodWorld which was one of the pioneers in this space. We have tried the Spar shop and found the experience seamless.

Fresh Veggies

Very rarely does one scroll through Twitter or Instagram and not come across a fresh veggies company offering home deliveries. While we admit that we are not sure if Fresh in a box was one of the pioneers in Zimbabwe, they certainly hugely contributed to the awareness of such business models. Through the efforts of Kuda Musasiwa the founder of Fresh in a box, we have seen similar businesses sprout and giving the latter a run for their money. This space will continue to grow and evolve without a doubt. Visit for some fresh veggies.

Fast Foods Category

Worldwide, a lot of innovation has taken place in the fast foods sector giving rise to billion dollar startups such as Uber Eats, Grabhub among others. From restaurants to fast food outlets, this industry can only grow and in Zimbabwe we have witnessed startups like Munch take the lead in the food delivery business. Fast food outlets such as Innscor, Chicken Slice have also accelerated their food delivery capabilities owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the next article, we will feature more products and services which can now be accessed or ordered from the comfort of your home. This list is by no means exhaustive and does not imply these brands were the pioneers but are more relatable with the general populace.


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