e-commerce in Zimbabwe

The rise of E-Commerce in Zimbabwe

E-Commerce in Zimbabwe is now in full swing partly thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic which created lockdowns forcing businesses to reinvent their distribution models. The growth of e-commerce in...
ZESA Big Data

How ZESA can embrace Digital Transformation

The subject of digital transformation agenda has without doubt been accentuated by the ongoing pandemic which awakened many local companies out of their slumber. The adoption of 4th industrial...
Working from home

3 things we have learnt from the Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 has changed humanity for posterity. The devastating effects of the coronavirus has seen the majority of countries imposing various restrictions ranging from complete lockdowns to restricted movements. These...
Brands against COVID19

Fight against Covid-19 – what can Zimbabwean brands learn from other markets?

The dreaded COVID19 or Corona Virus is now well within our shores following the death of Zororo Makamba and the rising confirmed cases. Renowned brands internationally have stepped up...

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