Brands against COVID19

Fight against Covid-19 – what can Zimbabwean brands learn from other markets?

The dreaded COVID19 or Corona Virus is now well within our shores following the death of Zororo Makamba and the rising confirmed cases. Renowned brands internationally have stepped up...

Lessons on Rebranding with Dennis Mambure

Early last week we sat down with Dennis Mambure the Group Head Marketing and Communications at FMB Capital formerly Barclays Bank where he shared some anecdotes on the subject...

The everyday problem solver! What every marketing professional should do in 2020

What qualifies you as a world-class marketer is not the title or position you hold but the innovation, and problem-solving ability you possess! This paper really is not going to...

So many marathons, so much for doing the same thing

So apparently marathons have become the in thing, the next buzz project for marketers in Zimbabwe! After coming across the CBZ marathon trending on Twitter, we couldn’t help but...

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