Cause marketing

Why Brands should be Purpose-Led

‘Businesses serving the greater good of the society’ *In this article I  will  use  the words brand and business interchangeably*. I will start with a few questions in order to...
How to become a great marketer

5 Ways To Become A Great Marketer

Marketing is probably the most ‘misunderstood’ profession and function in organizations.  Many a time, a lot of people think they can do Marketing forgetting that there are University  Degrees,...

#ShowerMoments: Christmas Wish List for Festive Promotions

So, the festive season is upon us and inevitably the scramble for consumer’s attention reaches dizzy heights with almost every brand running some kind of consumer promotion. Given this...

Empirical Findings on Celebrity Endorsement in Zimbabwe

The subject of celebrity endorsement has always been topical since it was first coined back in the day. The use of celebrities to endorse brands has over the years...

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