3 things we have learnt from the Covid-19 Lockdown

Working from home

Covid-19 has changed humanity for posterity. The devastating effects of the coronavirus has seen the majority of countries imposing various restrictions ranging from complete lockdowns to restricted movements. These restrictions have severely impacted businesses globally as most have been forced to shut down under the stay at home campaign. Here’s three things we have learnt from the COVID-19 crisis with particular reference to Zimbabwe.

Brands can innovate

The coronavirus crisis has meant that everyone has predominantly been forced to stay at home with non-essential shops closed. This has forced brands to reinvent their traditional distribution models to introduce home deliveries and thus spur e-commerce. Traditional brands such as Gains Cash n Carry who largely serve the bottom of the pyramid customers have also introduced home deliveries among other brands. What is evident is that brands were caught napping and thus forced to develop ecommerce capabilities overnight and yet this was also preached as the future of business.

Digital transformation is here

We have always been proponents of digital transformation and sadly these conversations were birthed out of the crisis. The enforced lockdowns have seen offices deserted with employees forced to work from home. While digital transformation transcends virtual offices, that is a big component of how an organization is setup for the 21st century where technology is at the heart of businesses. The COVID-19 crisis has led forced business leaders to develop agile, lean systems and support structures to enable business continuity under the lockdown conditions.

Employees are more productive working from home

The future of work is one topic that has remained open to debate as to the optimal conditions for employee productivity going into the future. The pervasive growth and infiltration of technological capabilities is forcing a rethink of the notion that employees are only productive when they go to work. From our experience of the lockdown, most employees we spoke to agreed that they have been more productive working from within the confines of their homes. The general assumption is that when employees work within themselves, in the comfort of their homes and with no time restrictions, productivity levels have gone up incredibly.


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