O ne of the greatest leaders of all time and former president of the United States of America Abraham Lincoln coined one of my best phrases “The best way to predict the future is to create it." In this he...
W imbabwe has of late been rapidly catching up with international trends as far as mobile penetration is concerned and particularly smartphone penetration. This we can attribute to the rapid adoption of IMs like WhatsApp for which one needs a...
O ver the past years we have witnessed a proliferation of online publications, blogs, websites, etc all of them clamoring for the advertiser’s dollar. This development is a welcome one because it goes on to confirm that local marketers in...
I presented recently at the AMH Digital workshop where I spoke on the theme migrating from traditional to digital. I shared some thoughts on how marketers can and should take advantage of the abundant opportunities in digital media and particularly social media....
W ell as I was going through my normal business checking out stuff happening online something struck me, creepy and gruesome! OMG!! it's an advert and for goodness sake it's an advert from Toyota Zimbabwe an entity by it's very nature even to the...
I recently attended the Marketers Association Zimbabwe conference in Mutare and one of the presenters shared something which inspired me to write this article. The presenter shared the story of lion and the gazelle. Well basically for those who do not know...
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